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Our Apostle and Pastor

ABOUT OUR LEADERS: Apostle Allen and Pastor Cheryl Rice

God has prepared Apostle Allen Rice, Sr. for Kingdom ministry in many ways. Allen first trusted Christ as Savior at the age of 6. At age 20, as a student athlete at Baylor University, Allen rededicated his life to follow Christ. Learning to walk with Christ in the locker room was one of the greatest training camps God chose in preparing Allen for Kingdom ministry. In 1984 Allen was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. Before returning to Minnesota for his second NFL season, God radically revealed Himself to Allen in such a way that he confessed his calling as a minister of the Gospel, preached his first sermon, married his college sweetheart and returned to Minnesota; married and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now 23 years old, a husband, minister and NFL football player, God began to prepare Allen for Kingdom ministry as a witness for Him at home, in the locker room and on the football field. His wife, Cheryl, truly was and is God’s gift to Allen; without her Allen’s life and ministry would not be what it is. Allen and Cheryl became a great team that God would use for the next 7 years in the NFL. Allen and Cheryl led the team weekly Bible study and nightly Bible studies during training camps. God used Allen and Cheryl to impact the Viking Organization from executives to players to equipment managers. For 7 years in the off-season, Allen and Cheryl traveled the country ministering; Cheryl singing and Allen ministering God’s Word. God continued to train and prepare Allen and Cheryl for Kingdom ministry with the Green Bay Packers. The Rice’s moved back to Houston, Texas in 1992 and started a full-time Marriage Ministry.

In 1996 God birthed Together We Stand Christian Church though Allen and Cheryl. Allen’s High School coach (George Kirk), his college coach (Grant Teaff), and his first NFL head coach (Les Steckel) were all devoted Christian men that God used to develop and shape Allen’s character for Kingdom ministry. Cheryl graduated from Sam Houston State University and together with Allen received Christian Counseling certification through International Christian Institute. 


God further prepared Allen for Kingdom ministry at North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Houston Graduate School of Theology and 4 other universities.

Allen and Cheryl have traveled much of our country preaching the Gospel and ministering to married couples. Most of all, God has used Allen’s parents, Herman and Rosie Rice who have been married for 60 years, as well as Allen’s spiritual father, the late Bishop H.M. Bolden and his spiritual mother, the late Overseer Katie M. Cain to train and develop him for Kingdom ministry.

Allen’s ministry has also taken him to Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Canada, Africa, Mexico, Indonesia and beyond. Allen and Cheryl have been married for 35 years. They have four children: Fallon Scott (Devon), Alyncia Dennis (Justin), Alexis and Allen Jr., and one grandson, Isaac Dennis.

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